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Mobile Equipment Trainer

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Mobile Equipment Trainer

Lieu d’affectation : Lubumbashi

Date de clôture : 12 Octobre 2012


      I.        Context


Boart Longyear (ASX: BLY) is a 120-year-old global mineral exploration company that provides mineral exploration services and drilling products for the global mining industry and also has a substantial drilling presence for water exploration, environmental sampling, energy, and oil sands exploration.
Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 2010 sales of US$1.476 billion and over 9,000 employees worldwide, the company conducts contract drilling services in 40 countries, and provides mining products to customers in over 100 countries. Regional offices and operations are located in Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America, and North America.

     II.        The purpose of this position is:

To competently train truck, light vehicle, skidder and other mobile equipment operators and small equipment operators in the safe, efficient and effective operation of their assigned equipment. Be accountable and responsible for the delivery, evaluation and review of a wide range of mobile equipment driver and operator competency based learning and assessment programs to a culturally diverse range of Boart Longyear personnel in both on job and off job situations. The personnel to be trained will have a wide range of technical competence and learning requirements. Contribute to the overall Training and Development (T&D) team efforts, demonstrating at all times those behaviors that fully support T&D, Boart Longyear’s policies and procedures. Ensure that the on-the job performance of the driver and operators meets or exceeds T&D standards and contributes to the goals of BOART LONGYEAR ’s Drilling Operations.

Under general supervision, the trainer will contribute to the overall Training and Development team efforts, demonstrating at all times behaviors that fully support T&D and Boart Longyear’s policies and procedures.

    III.        The key duties and responsibilities of this position are:

-       Demonstrate behaviors that match T&D values, follow and apply BOART LONGYEAR policies and procedures, in order to be a role model for all colleagues, direct reports and development program participants;

-       Plan, organize, and conduct all mobile equipment operators training for BOART LONGYEAR employees;

-       Assist in the scheduling of classes based on availability of classrooms and mobile equipment;

-       Demonstrate competence in the principles and application of designing and teaching training programs so that development programs delivered and assessed meet T&D standards;

-       Provide skills and knowledge appropriate to one or more specific vehicle and/or light mobile equipment training requirements to help workers maintain or improve job skills;

-       Design, review and communicate learning program delivery and assessment schedules, ensure that all schedules are implemented in such a way to ensure that programs are delivered as planned and meet BOART LONGYEAR’s requirements;

-       Present information, using a variety of instructional techniques and formats such as computer based training, simulators, team exercises, equipment operation, videos and lectures;

-       Organize and develop, or obtain, training procedure manuals and guides and course materials such as handouts and visual materials;

-       Successfully complete a range of complex technical /specialist projects directly related to the operation of the vehicle and/or light mobile equipment to meet specified time, cost, and quality and quantity expectations of customers;

-       Be a recognized expert in the vehicle and/or light equipment operation, provide expert analytical services in the equipment operation, and address significantly complex challenges in mobile equipment operation in order to help the drilling and support groups and their operators resolve operation issues;

-       Participate in a range of equipment /facility improvement projects and competency based learning projects so that these projects are completed to standard, on time and within budget;

-       Ensure that proper maintenance is performed on the section’s mobile equipment, vehicles, safety equipment, and fixed facilities including the operator training ground;

-       Performs other duties as required.

   IV.        The key challenges in this position include:

-       Assisting BOART LONGYEAR to achieve its vehicle and/or light mobile equipment manpower skill requirements to enable it to meet its drilling and support operations requirements in a safe and cost effective manner;

-       Ensuring that all training programs are complying with BOART LONGYEAR standards;

-       Conducting a wide range of learning situations that vary from “one on one” coaching to group delivery in both on and off job learning environments;

-       Designing, creating, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of competency based learning and assessment processes and materials;

-       Managing assigned equipment/facility improvement projects and competency based learning projects to meet T&D BOART LONGYEAR systems /quality standards, time and cost targets;

-       Effectively coaching learners, and other employees within the group to reach the required level of competence and professionalism in order to competently do their respective jobs;

-       Sensitively and professionally working with employees at all levels within the organization from a wide range of cultures.

    V.        Background, Education, and work experience and Skills needed to succeed in this job are:

1.     Education, Experience and Skills

-       High School diploma (or equivalent) with 5 years bus and/or light truck operations experience on equipment that is used in the BOART LONGYEAR operations and support groups, plus 6 months of mobile equipment operator teaching and training;

-       Skilled in presenting/facilitating mobile equipment training to diverse audiences within the company. Able to motivate, communicate and instruct/train others, using both technical and non-technical language to explain complex subjects and processes;

-       Formal workplace Training and Assessment qualifications (at a minimum level of Certificate 1) in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of competency based learning programs and Knowledge in Human Resources Development;

-       Knowledge of the uses and applications of personal computers/software such as Microsoft Excel and Word;

-       Ability to read, speak and write French and to communicate effectively in Swahili. English will be an added advantage.

2.     Physical Demands & Work Environment

Describe the physical demands and work environment that are representative of what an employee may encounter while performing the essential functions of this job.

-       Able to work safely in a tropical drilling environment subject to loud noise, vibration, dust and diesel exhaust, and insect and water born health hazards;

-       Able to work on multiple shifts;

-       Capable of carrying 50 lbs for extended distances;

-       Capable of sitting and/or standing for extended periods of time;

-       Capable of wearing appropriate safety equipment for long periods;

-       Capable of taking prophylactic medicines for extended periods;

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