UN Strategic planning specialist

Job opportunity


UN Strategic planning specialist

Lieu d’affectation : Kinshasa

Catégorie supplémentaire : Gestion

Type de contrat : FTA International

Niveau du poste : P-4

Durée du contrat initial : 1 Year

Closing date : 31 Janvier 2013



I.      Historique

As the official responsible within the Integrated Mission for the coordination of the development activities of the United Nations and in conformity with the objectives and priorities of the Government and mandates and objectives of the UN Agencies, the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General/ Resident Coordinator/ Humanitarian Coordinator/ UNDP Resident Representative (D-SRSG/RC/HC/UNDP RR) has established an United Nations Integrated Office.

The UN Strategic Planning Specialist will be responsible for supporting the DSRSG/RC/HC/RR and the Head of the Integrated Office in leading and coordinating UN-System wide initiatives at the strategic, programmatic, financial and advocacy levels. The ultimate objective being to adequately articulate UN-system wide interventions and the delivery of concrete results within the broader framework of aid effectiveness and UN reform – where applicable.

Under the supervision of the DSRSG, through the Head of the Integrated Office, and in support to the UN Country Team and MONUSCO, the UN Strategic Planning Specialist will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following duties:

-       Policy Development and Planning ;

-       Provide input and guidance to the design of UN Strategic Pans ;

-       Strengthen Coordination Mechanisms ;

-       Support communications, advocacy and resource mobilization ;

-       Support Integration efforts.

II.     Responsabilities


1.     Policy Development and Planning

-       To support and provide technical advice to help determine the UNCT strategy based on the continuing assessment and prioritization of post-conflict needs within existing strategic frameworks including DRC’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), Country Assistance Framework (CAF) and Programme d’ Actions Prioritaires (PAP) ;

-       Support the UN system (including MONUSCO) to develop a common understanding of the key challenges facing the country, particularly with regards to common areas of interventions including protection of civilians, stabilization and transition or recovery needs ;

-       Facilitate and monitor quality of UN contributions to internal and external medium to long term analytical work including the above strategic frameworks ;

-       Provide technical advice to UN agencies, MONUSCO and partners, in both Kinshasa and the provinces on the UN security and stabilization strategy for eastern DRC, including high-impact programmes that can lay the groundwork for MONUSCO’s eventual withdrawal ;

-       Provide technical advice to UN agencies, MONUSCO and partners on MONUSCO’s eventual drawdown plan and the plan for the hand-over of MONUSCO responsibilities ;

-       Reinforce the capacity of the UNCT to analyze political, social and economic trends, including support to preparation of periodic situation analyses.

2.     Provide input and guidance to the design of UN Strategic plans:

-       Provide technical advice to UN agencies on the UNDAF. Focus on elevating and reinforcing the UNCT’s strategic role in the country through a relevant, highly-prioritized UNDAF based on its capacity and comparative advantage ;

-       Provide technical advice to UN agencies and MONUSCO on joint UN programmes aimed at supporting the national priorities ;

-       Provide technical advice on linking stabilization, peace-building and development programmes to existing humanitarian operations with the aim of avoiding common problems including capacity gaps and implementation delays ;

-       Provide technical advice on appropriate strategic and programme linkages between UN strategies and the national plans/budget ;

-       Provide technical advice on rights-based, results-oriented and gender-sensitive approaches to assessment and programming ;

-       Help to identify realistic targets, benchmarks and indicators for inclusion in strategic frameworks ;

-       Provide technical advice to UN agencies, MONUSCO and partners on the development and management of “SMART” monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for measuring the impact and tracking progress of existing strategic frameworks (PRS, CAF, PAP and UNDAF).

3.     Strengthen Coordination mechanisms:

-       Improve UN system wide coordination through established mechanisms including the UNCT, the PMT, UNCG, the IMPT and specific thematic working groups ensuring coherence between these various coordination structures particularly between humanitarian, transition and development coordination structures, including appropriate linkages between UNCT planning processes and MONUSCO planning processes ;

-       Prepare discussion/position papers/talking points and summaries on various aspects of UN coordination suggesting modalities for improvement UN synergies and common approaches to better function, deliver, monitor and communicate as One ;

-       Advise the DSRSG/RC/HC/RR and the Head of the Integrated Office on opportunities for the development of coordination initiatives, including integrated coordination mechanisms between MONUSCO and the UNCT as well establishing linkages between humanitarian, transition and development coordination structures ;

-       Participate and provide support to integrated and/or UNCT coordination structures including 1) ensuring timely and quality UNCT/PMT meetings/events; follow up of recommendations and alerting the RC of pending and important issues to be raised during the UNCT/PMT meetings ;

-       Participate in the Integrated Mission Planning Process, ensuring shared objectives and complementarity between the stabilization and peace-building programmes of MONUSCO and the UN agencies ;

-       Participate in the Mission Planning Cell ;

-       Participate in the Integrated Mission Planning Process, ensuring shared objectives and complementarity between the stabilization and peace-building programmes of MONUSCO and UN agencies ;

-       Support the elaboration of a joint Peace Consolidation Programme between the mission and the UNCT for provinces not covered by the UN Stabilization Strategy.

4.     Support Communications, Advocacy and Resource Mobilization:

-       Support the UN Country Team and the Resident Coordinator in engaging bilateral and multilateral institutions, including support for resource mobilization within the framework of the UNDAF ;

-       Develop and maintain adequate systems for the tracking of activities, funding needs and funds availability in regards to the UN Strategy (UNDAF or UNTF) as well as map parallel activities implemented by other partners and complementary to the strategy ;

-       Support the head of the IO and the DSRSG in identifying priority funding gaps and funding sources available ;

-       Develop and maintain a profile of donors per sectors and areas of interest.

5.     Support Integration efforts:

-       Follow up on global policy developments on integration and, in collaboration with the MONUSCO Strategic Planning Cell, work on applying integration policies and frameworks at the country level ;

-       Assist the UNCT and MONUSCO at national and provincial levels to understand and apply integration policies ;

-       Advice the Head of the Integrated Office of opportunities for integrated coordination efforts, programmes and activities ;

-       Monitor and report on the results and challenges of integration in the country.

III.    Impacts of Results

The development of joint strategic frameworks will help accelerate implementation of the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, Country Assistance Framework and Programme d’Actions Prioritaires, as well as the UN’s security and stabilization support strategy and Peace Consolidation Programme. Preparing for a smooth transition and drawdown of MONUSCO will boost the UN’s credibility and effectiveness in a post-crisis setting.

IV.   Compétences


1.     Corporate Responsibility & Teamwork

-       Serves and promotes the vision, mission, values, and strategic goals of UNDP ;

-       Plans, prioritizes, and delivers tasks on time ;

-       Participates effectively in a team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating with others ;

-       Responds flexibly & positively to change through active involvement.

2.     People Skills:

-       Recognizes and responds appropriately to the ideas, interests, and concerns of others ;

-       Sets clear performance goals and standards; executes responsibilities accordingly.

3.     Partnering & Networking:

-       Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices from within and outside UNDP

-       Plans and produces quality results to meet established goals.

4.     Innovation & Judgment

-       Contributes creative, practical ideas and approaches to deal with challenging situations ;

-       Pursues own personal and professional development ;

-       Strives for quality client-centered services (internal/external).

5.     Communication

-       Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills

6.     Job Knowledge & Expertise

-       Excellent organizational skills and ability to handle effectively multiple tasks without compromising quality, team ;

-       Spirit and positive working relationships with all colleagues ;

-       Dependability, reliability and initiative ;

-       Is motivated & demonstrates a capacity to pursue personal development & learning.

V.    Qualifications et expériences requises


1.     Education

-       Masters degree in social sciences, political science, law, international relations, development studies, or related subjects.


2.     Experience

-       At least 7 years of experience with international organizations (preferably with the UN and in inter-agency coordination/cooperation); experience in an UN RC Office is an advantage.


3.     Other Skills:

-       Strategic vision and strong technical and analytical capabilities ;

-       Excellent political judgment ;

-       Ability to negotiate at decision-making level ;

-       Ability to handle effectively multiple tasks without compromising quality, team spirit and positive working relationships ;

-       Proven experience in humanitarian and transition coordination and resource mobilization ;

-       Cultural sensitivity, inter-personal skills and ability to work smoothly under pressure.

4.     Language Requirements:

-       Ability to present ideas orally to diverse audiences, superior drafting ability in English, working knowledge of French an asset.

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