Regional Health Systems Strengthening Specialist

Job Description

Regional Health Systems Strengthening Specialist

Location: Kinshasa, Katanga and Kisangani

Closing date: November 5th, 2012


I.      Details of Offers

The integrated HIV/AIDS project’s (Projet de VIH/SIDA Integré au Congo – ProVic) objective is to reduce incidence and prevalence of HIV and mitigate its impact on people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and their families. This will be achieved by: improving HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services in the selected areas and increasing community involvement in health issues and services beyond facility-level services through sustainable community-based approaches. As part of the alignment of ProVic’s activities to the National Strategy, ProVic supports the integration of services to offer a complete package through one referral and counter referral system, linking community structures and health facilities offering HIV services within the Health Zone.

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Level of Effort: Community Strengthening of Referral System 65%, Health Systems Strengthening through linkages with Health Zones 35%

II.     Reporting jointly to:

Community Based Care and Treatment Specialist (Kinshasa) (lead Supervisor)

Health Systems Strengthening/Capacity Building Specialist (Kinshasa)

Liaising with: Home Based & Palliative Care Specialist, HIV & OVC specialist, Regional Coordinator

There are 2 key purposes of this role;

a)     One is to ensure the efficient functioning of the referral and counter-referral system, linking facilities and community/home based care to ensure that people are able to access and receive the care and treatment they and their families need. An important element of this will also be to make sure that there is an effective follow up component, so that those who drop out are identified, reasons for non-attendance can be ascertained and people can be encouraged to continue to access services, thereby improving the continuum of care (65%);

b)    The second is to build upon the existing linkages with the Health Zones in which ProVic operates, which provide HIV related and support services to PLWHA, OVC, and their families in the Champion Communities. This role ensures greater alignment of ProVic ‘s activities to national programs and plans by establishing effective collaborative mechanisms between national programs and ProVics community based programmes (35%).


1.     Community level and health facility referral networks (65%):


-       Identify the relevant stakeholders needed to create an effective referral and counter referral system;

-       Facilitate the implementation and functioning of a referral and counter referral system that is grounded in the realities of the available services and the health seeking behaviour of the populations needing to access that care and support by involving relevant stakeholders and ensuring there is a strong link between HCT, PMTCT (M2M), and Care and Support activities (Self Help Groups and Child to Child groups);

-       Ensure key stakeholders in the referral and counter-referral system are aware of their role and that there is a strong and effective link between community mobilisation, HCT/prevention, PMTCT, health facilities and Care & Support activities;

-       Liaise with “Technicien Accompagnateurs” in each Champion Communities to monitor the system and take steps to strengthen its functioning, including ensuring that the system meets the needs of OVC and MARPs and addresses the barriers currently faced by PLWHA;

-       Organize quarterly meetings with Health Zones, participating structures and implementing partners to give updates on the systematic use of referral and counter referral forms, (including functionality of the system, exchanges of experience, data collection, validity, utilization and dissemination), and on achievements realized by ProVic each quarter;

-       Develop the follow up element of the system and assist grantees to strengthen their ability to trace those who have dropped out and bring them back into care, analyse reasons for drop out and identify good practice which should be shared with all stakeholders, liaising with the HIV Documentation and Communication Specialist;

-       Liaise with ProVic’s Monitoring and Evaluation team to analyse of the effectiveness of the system at all levels;

-       Undertake other duties as required by the supervisor.


2.     Health Systems Strengthening through linkages with Health Zones (35%):


-       Update the mapping of the Health Zones where ProVic is operating and establish a direct contact between the management team of the HZ and ProVic’s Regional Coordinator;

-       Assess the needs not yet covered by other funding mechanisms for each participating Health one in terms of supervision, coordination and data validation meetings, internet connexion, training;

-       Facilitate the alignment of ProVic’s activities to PNDS, PPDS, PDZS (Programme National, provincial et Zones de sante pour le Développement Sanitaire ;

-       Maintain on-going working relationships and collaboration between provinces, Health Zones and ProVic through the Provincial Steering Committee for health (Comite Provincial de Pilotage: CPP) and the Forum des partenaires for Health Zones;

-       Support health systems strengthening support to the province and at health zone level leading to stronger health systems, better coordination, supervision and data validations meetings;

-       Support to Health Zones to identify solutions to some of the factors that limit the accessibility of services thereby improving the quality of service delivery;

-       Plan and organize training and capacity building related activities for the province;

-       Undertake other duties as required by the supervisor.

ProVic’s Child Safeguarding Policy

To protect children from abuse of all kinds throughout ProVic’s program in the DRC and emphasize that discrimination, prejudice, or oppressive behavior or language in relation to any of the following are not acceptable: ethnicity, culture, age, gender, disability, religion, sexuality, or health status of children.

The Alliance and ProVic strive to ensure that measures and systems are in place to protect children from all forms of abuse and maltreatment by any Alliance/ProVic staff.

PROVIC operates rigorous recruitment and selection procedures that reflect our commitment to child protection’. Appointment to this post will be subject to satisfactory completion of an internal safeguarding check related to child protection (follow up of references and signing of the Alliance Child Protection Policy).

ProVic’s child protection policy will be made available to all job applicants at the point of application.

III.    Job Specification Orphans and Vulnerable Children (Children and Family) Specialist Orphans and Vulnerable Children (Children and Family Orphans and Vulnerable Children (Children and Family: Regional Health Systems Strengthening Specialist Orphans and Vulnerable Children (Children and Family





Public health qualification





At least 3 years experience delivering health and/or care and support services

Experience of working in HIV care and support programmes

Experience of working with a multidisciplinary team and with people of varying educational and professional backgrounds

Experience of capacity building








Understands the realities of people’s health seeking behaviours and obstacles faced in order to obtain the necessary care and support for themselves and their families

Family centred programming support (impact mitigation)

Understanding the needs and challenges faced by MARPs in accessing care and support

Networking and referral systems











Ability to work closely and coordinate with others

Able to plan work to achieve results and impact

Competent in using computers (word/power-point)

Able to communicate in English





Personal Attributes:

Approachable, flexible, creative, supportive, good listener and tactful

Dedication to tackling HIV/AIDS



Satisfactory Child Protection check




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Will be selected only the candidate (s) who meets these criteria we will contact them in order to do a recruitment tests. All the records who don’t match the above profile will not be accepted.

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