National Economic Advisor

Avis de recrutement


National Economic Advisor

Lieu de travail : Kinshasa

Type de contrat : FTA Local

Niveau du poste : NO-D

Date de commencement : 01 Mars 2013

Durée du contrat initial : 1 an renouvelable

Date limite de candidature : 20 Janvier 2013



I.              Historique

Under the guidance of RC/RR and the direct supervision of Country Director, the National Economic Advisor (NAE) works in close collaboration with the Senior Economic Advisor (SEA), National Strategy Policy Advisor (NSPA), programme staff including in other UN Agencies, and Government officials, technical advisors, experts, and consultants, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society ensuring successful UNDP programme implementation.

S/He contributes to research, development and application of the principles and theories of economics to the formulation of strategies and plans for solution of economic problems, especially as they relate to the Millennium Development Goals, to analyses economic and social trends and to provide advisory services to the Government, UN Country Team on development issues and policies as well as enhances the policy impact of UNDP programmes and projects. S/He also contributes to monitor economic policy developments and to advise RC/RR, UNCT and other member of the UNDP team and its partners on policy issues, to UNDP’s policy dialogue with Government and donors. S/He contributes to supervise and lead a team of UNDP experts, international and national consultants and project staff.

II.             Responsabilities

Summary of key functions:

-       Advice to UNDP management on economic and development issues;

-       Advice to Government counterparts and facilitation of knowledge building on economic and development issues ;

-       Building of strategic partnerships and implementation of resource mobilization strategy ;

-       Advocacy and promotion of UNDP’s mandate and mission.

1.     Provides advice and support to UNDP management, programmes and projects focusing on achievement of the following results :

-       Compilation, analysis and interpretation of economic and statistical data, thorough research of the economic and development issues in the country and production of relevant reports aimed at promoting equitable economic growth and human development ;

-       Provision of top quality analysis and substantive inputs to CCA, UNDAF, CPD, CPAP and other strategic documents ;

-       Provision of authoritative advice on possible areas for UNDP support and adjustment of on-going programmes to ensure that UNDP programmes are in line with national policies and priorities ;

-       Selection of strategic research topics, surveys and/or case studies ;

-       Production and launch of economic reports, including National Human Development Reports ;

-       Formulation and facilitation of UNDP inputs and CO support to national poverty reduction efforts in the context of PRSP and poverty monitoring, including of the MDG ;

-       Direct participation in sub-regional, regional and inter-agency initiatives related to development issues.

2.     Provides advice to Government counterparts and facilitation of knowledge building focusing on achievement of the following results :

-       Facilitation of policy dialogue on economic issues with the Government, donors, civil society, private sector; contributions to development of policies as relevant ;

-       Provision of policy options, particularly from pro-poor perspectives, on macroeconomic and development issues to governments and other development actors ;

-       Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice through identification of best practices and lessons learned ;

-       Assessment of the country’s macro-economic policies and their impact on poverty reduction, growth, equity, etc.
Training and capacity building support for UNDP staff and Government officials on economic issues.

3.     Participates in the building of strategic partnerships and implementation of the resource mobilization strategy focusing on achievement of the following results :

-       Development of partnerships with the UN Agencies, IFI’s, government institutions, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, private sector, civil society areas based on strategic goals of UNDP, country needs and donors’ priorities ;

-       Research and analysis of information on donors, preparation of substantive briefs on possible areas of cooperation ;

-       Production of periodic updates and briefs on country development situation to be used by stakeholders, CO and HQ ;

-       Undertaking of selected studies/research on emerging development concerns that feed into government/development partners processes.

4.     Advocacy and promotion of awareness of UNDP’s mandate and mission focusing on achievement of the following results :

-       Policy advocacy for the Millennium Development Goals, Human Development and pro-poor and equitable economic growth by participating in relevant forums, conferences and trainings ;

-       Production of high quality research papers for UNDP presentation at international workshops and conferences ;

-       Support to monitoring progress and formulation of strategies towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals ;

-       Management of events and publications on economic issues, including annual Global Human Development Reports launches in the country, advocacy of the main Reports findings among relevant Governmental agencies, civil society organizations and donors.

III.            Impact of Results

The key results of the post strengthen UNDP’s contributions to the national policy dialogue and enhance the policy impact of UNDP programmes and projects. In particular, the key results have an impact on the design of programmes, and creation of strategic partnerships as well as reaching resource mobilization targets. The post increases visibility of UNDP in the discussion about economic policies and analysis.

IV.           Compétences

1.     Functional Competencies

Advocacy/Advancing a Policy-Oriented Agenda

-       Contributes to the elaboration of advocacy strategies by identifying and prioritizing audiences and communication means ;

-       Performs analysis of political situations and scenarios, and contributes to the formulation of institutional responses.

Building Strategic Partnerships

-       Effectively networks with partners seizing opportunities to build strategic alliances relevant to UNDP’s mandate and strategic agenda ;

-       Sensitizes UN Partners, donors and other international organizations to the UNDP’s strategic agenda, identifying areas for joint efforts ;

-       Develops positive ties with civil society to build/strengthen UNDP’s mandate ;

-       Identifies needs and interventions for capacity building of counterparts, clients and potential partners ;

-       Displays initiative, sets challenging outputs for him/herself and willingly accepts new work assignments.

Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing

-       Makes the case for innovative ideas documenting successes and building them into the design of new approaches ;

-       Identifies new approaches and strategies that promote the use of tools and mechanisms ;

-       Develops and/or participates in the development of tools and mechanisms, including identifying new approaches to promote individual and organizational learning and knowledge sharing using formal and informal methodologies.

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise

-       Understands more advanced aspects of primary area of specialization as well as the fundamental concepts of related disciplines ;

-       Serves as internal consultant in the area of expertise and shares knowledge with staff ;

-       Continues to seeks new and improved methods and systems for accomplishing the work of the unit ;

-       Keeps abreast of new developments in area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself professionally ;

-       Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments ;

-       Demonstrates comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the current guidelines and project management tools and utilizes these regularly in work assignments.

Creating Visibility for UNDP/Supporting UNDP’s Capacity to Advocate

-       Identifies and develops activities to enhance the visibility of UNDP ;

-       Develops promotional activities based on monitoring/evaluation information identifying areas requiring higher visibility ;

-       Reviews documents and materials intended for use within and outside the organization in order to ensure consistency and validity of messages ;

-       Creates and cultivates networks of partners to promote UNDP’s image ;

-       Conducts assessments of activities to improve impact and effectiveness.

Global Leadership and Advocacy for UNDP’s Goals

-       Performed analysis of political situations and scenarios, and contributes to the formulation of institutional responses ;

-       Uses the opportunity to bring forward and disseminate materials for global advocacy work and adapts it for use at country level.

Conceptual Innovation in the Provision of Technical Expertise

-       Leverages different experiences and expertise of team members to achieve better and more innovative outcomes ;

-       Leverages multi disciplinary, institutional knowledge and experience of other countries and regions to promote UNDP’s development agenda ;

-       Participates in dialogue about conceptual innovation at the country and regional levels.

Client Orientation

-       Anticipates client needs ;

-       Works towards creating an enabling environment for a smooth relationship between the clients and service provider ;

-       Demonstrates understanding of client’s perspective.

Core Competencies:

-       Promoting ethics and integrity, creating organizational precedents ;

-       Building support and political acumen ;

-       Building staff competence, creating an environment of creativity and innovation ;

-       Building and promoting effective teams ;

-       Creating and promoting enabling environment for open communication ;

-       Creating an emotionally intelligent organization ;

-       Leveraging conflict in the interests of UNDP & setting standards ;

-       Sharing knowledge across the organization and building a culture of knowledge sharing and learning ;

-       Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member ;

-       Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking.

V.            Qualifications et Expériences


1.     Education

-       Master’s Degree in Economics, with strong emphasis on macroeconomic and other quantitative skills, development economics, and economic planning.

2.     Experiences :

-       7 years of relevant experience at the national or international level ;

-       Extensive experience in research and policy-level analysis ;

-       Some experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects ;

-       Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, experience in handling of web-based management systems and advanced programmes for statistical analysis of data.

3.     Language Requirements:

-       Fluency in French and good knowledge of English will be considered as an asset ;


Le PNUD s’engage à recruter un personnel divers en termes de genre, de nationalité et de culture. Nous encourageons de même les personnes issues des minorités ethniques, des communautés autochtones ou handicapées à postuler. Toutes les candidatures seront traitées dans la plus stricte confidentialité.