Education Specialist roles in DRC

Offer International and National

Education Specialist roles in DRC

Location : Kinshasa

Closing date: 15 August 2014


      I.        About CfBT


CfBT Education Trust is a not-for-profit international company with over 40 years’ experience across 80 countries working worldwide on education reform projects. We work in four key areas to provide outstanding, sustainable education solutions; these include supporting national level education system reform, school improvement, school management and ownership and support for and languages teaching. We are driven by improving outcomes for students around the world and work with clients to achieve this in a range of contexts.


    II.        Job Description

CfBT Education Trust is responding to an USAID opportunity to improve basic education in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The overarching objective of the programme is to improve educational outcomes for girls and boys in select districts of the DRC. The Governance and Accountability element is designed specifically to strengthen the Government of DRC efforts at all levels to apply policies and inclusive, gender and conflict-sensitive approaches related to access, quality, and school safety in target districts.


To strengthen Governance and Accountability we will be working to:

-        Improve governance and accountability by stakeholders;

-        Increase community and civil society oversight and accountability; and

-        Strengthen school leadership, supervision, and management.


CfBT Education Trust is committed to securing a strong team of international and local consultants with diverse skills to deliver the above objectives. We will require expertise in the following areas : 

-        Education governance ;

-        Accountability, including community-based accountability ;

-        Information systems and statistical analysis ;

-        Policy development ;

-        School leadership and improvement ;

-        Communications and media ;

-        Public Private Partnerships ;

-        Conflict sensitive education ;

-        Gender sensitive policy development ;

-        Inclusive education ; and

-        Mother tongue education.


For DRC nationals

   III.        Required skills and qualifications:

-        A bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant subject ;

-        At least 10 years professional experience ;

-        Experience in working with government institutions and international consultants;

-        Very good computer skills ; and

-        Fluency in written and spoken French and English.


  IV.        Desirable skills and qualifications

-        Knowledge and experience of the education system DRC;

-        Knowledge of donor (ideally USAID/DFID) finance , procurement and administration policies; and

-        Fluency in at least one of the national languages covered (Kiswahili, Lingala, Tshiluba).

For Internationals

    V.        Required skills and qualifications

-        At least a master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant subject;

-        At least 10 years relevant experience;

-        Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

-        Experience of working in post-conflict or fragile states, preferably in West Africa; and

-        Fluency in written and spoken English and French.


  VI.        Desirable skills and qualifications

-        Knowledge and experience of the education system DRC ;

-        Experience of working on USAID/DFID funded projects ; and

-        Experience of implementing conflict and gender sensitive approaches to education.


How to apply

To apply please go to : and ensure that reference number : 01023 is selected.