Job opportunity


Job ID: #562088

Location : Kinshasa

Closing date: March 27th, 2013



I.              Context


The selected candidate will be integrated into the work team of Medicusmundi bizkaia in the DRC assuming the functions for the coordination of the association in the country.

1.     Coordination of the local team :

-       Support and supervision of the technical areas of the organisation ;

-       Management of human resources together with the local manager ;

-       Evaluation and training of the local personnel ;

-       To lead the preparation of the organisation's medium term strategy (theme zones and areas for involvement, profile of the counterparties, financing, etc.).


2.     Financial management of the organisation

-       Preparation of the annual budget together with the local manager and in coordination with the reference key personnel at the headquarters of medicusmundi bizkaia ;

-       Management of bank accounts with the local manager ;

-       Supervision of the organisation's bookkeeping.


3.     Management of the project cycle

-       Identification, formulation, follow-up, justification and assessment of the cooperation projects together with the local team ;

-       Preparation of reports (technical and financial) for follow-up and the end reports, as well as of requests for financing ;

-       Active seeking of public and private, international or national sources of finance ;

-       Preparation and application of an internal assessment system of the projects ;

-       Accompanying and strengthening of capabilities of the local partners ;

-       The creation of dialogue and debate venues with the local partners.


4.     Institutional relationships

Institutional representation vs. financial backers, international organisations, government organisations, as well as other development organisations present in the country, including other medicusmundi associates.


5.     Identification of new local partners

Participation in clusters relating to the working sectors of the organisation.


How to apply :

Send CV and motivation letter by ordinary mail or email to:

Medicusmundi bizkaia

Virgen de Begoña, 20 bajo 48006 Bilbao

E-mail :


Career categories:

-       Management


-       Democratic Republic of the Congo


-       basé à Kinshasa/Home based


-       medicusmundi


-       Coordination

-       Food and Nutrition

-       Gender

-       Health

-       HIV/Aids

Job years of experience:

-       3-5 years

Job type:

-       Job