Community Media and BCC Campaigns Program Manager

Job opportunity

Community Media and BCC Campaigns Program Manager

Reports directly to: RISE Chief of Party

Location : Goma

Closing date: March 06th, 2013


Note: This position is contingent upon funding

I.              Program/department summary

Mercy Corps has been present in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since September 2007, helping populations in North Kivu and Orientale Provinces to work toward building a more peaceful and hopeful future. Mercy Corps has more than 100 staff members in Goma, Mweso, Nyanzale and Dungu, and is implementing emergency and longer-term development programs with funding from USAID/FFP, USAID/OFDA, the European Commission, DFID and private donors. Mercy Corps’ work in the DRC provides support to internally displaced people through water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and economic recovery, and works with other vulnerable populations on environmental livelihoods, food security, civil society strengthening and durable WASH activities.

II.             General position summary

Mercy Corps is currently implementing a Multi-Year Assistance Program (MYAP) funded by USAID/Office of Food for Peace for the Resources to Increase Food Security in Eastern DRC (RISE) program. This five-year program aims to ensure that vulnerable households and communities in North Kivu build and sustain food security. This will be accomplished through three strategic objectives: promoting agricultural livelihoods, maternal and child nutrition, and effective governance to engender reliable food security in the target areas. The program is implemented by two consortium partners: Mercy Corps and Catholic Relief Services.

III.            Essential job functions

Vision and Strategy

Develop a community Information, Communication, and Education (IEC) media strategy that includes a well-defined research and BCC strategy, as well as the piloting and introduction of information and communications technologies (ICT) that promote behavioral change.

IV.           Project Management

The Community Media and BCC Campaigns PM position is comprised of two components: ICT and behavior change communication.

Under the ICT component, the PM will:

-       Lead all community dialogues related to the introduction of ICT, including community mobilization and training ;

-       Pilot and facilitate the establishment of ICT “digital doorways” in target villages and will monitor the outcomes and impacts of these interventions in collaboration with the M&E Advisor ensure the development of quality content by all RISE sectors that can then be integrated in the digital doorways at the community level.

Under the BCC component, the PM will:

-       Take the lead in formative research (composed of barrier analyses and focus groups) for BCC message elaboration and identification of effective communication channels organize and supervise the implementation of a multidimensional behavior change campaign (health, nutrition, agriculture, WASH, and good governance, and gender) that supports the communication plan and the tools developed with the RISE consortium ;

-       Lead the development and dissemination of radio messaging through local media companies and community radio stations link with all relevant community-based media, develop new elements to make the campaign more successful, including awareness-raising and advocacy tools to support the program’s implementation, coordinate and supervise the implementation of BCC monitoring and research in close collaboration with the M&E Advisor.

The Program Manager will also:

-       Supervise implementation of all aspects of the community media strategy ;

-       Work closely with the RISE Program Managers to ensure coordination and synergy between the three program objectives.

V.            Team Management

-       Establish cordial and professional relations with all RISE staff, manage the communication field staff;

-       Perform other related duties as required.

VI.           Representation

-       Establish cordial and professional relations with all beneficiary communities and community leaders to ensure the successful implementation of the program components.

Supervisory responsibility: RISE staff assigned to community media and behavior change campaign components

VII.          Accountability

WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: Agriculture Program Manager/Advisor, Commodities Manager, Good Governance Program Manager, the Consortium Partners, Program Team Leaders, Program Officers, Operations staffs, community reps and communities.

VIII.         Knowledge and experience :

-       A university degree or equivalent and experience in the areas of community media, ICT/digital doorways, behavior change strategies, information, awareness and advocacy in agriculture and health ;

-       Knowledge of new media channels, including use of new technologies for communication, relevant to the DRC context ;

-       Familiarity with the goals and activities of development programming and comfort in a supervisory role ;

-       Experience working with local NGOs or international NGO/PVOs is preferred ;

-       Patience, enthusiasm and strong interpersonal skills ;

-       French language skills in verbal and written communication, multi-­tasking, organizational and prioritization skills are required ;

-       Demonstrated attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members is required ;

-       Computers skills with strong familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel are mandatory ;

-       Candidate must be willing to travel and work in difficult conditions.

IX.           Success factors

A successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in community media, multi-media projects, digital doorways, and developing and implementing behavior change communication campaigns. Creativity, sensitivity and strong capacity to work with communities are particularly important. S/he will have the ability to manage and communicate effectively with team members of varied work styles and cultures, follow procedures, and meet deadlines with flexibility and creativity in planning and problem-solving and will have a proven ability to learn quickly, multi-­task, prioritize, take initiative, and be accountable for results, understand the larger picture while remaining focused on the details. The Projects Manager will be strong at problem-­solving and will have the ability to work within a complex and sensitive setting and follow laws and security protocols, all with the ability to work independently and as part of a team. S/he will have knowledge of governance, community mobilization, gender and food security, which can be adapted to the DRC context.

The most successful Mercy Corps staff members have a strong commitment to teamwork and accountability, thrive in evolving and changing environments and make effective written and verbal communication a priority in all situations. In DRC, patience, diplomacy, tenacity, compassion, determination and a sense of humor are all success factors.

X.            Living conditions

This position is based in Goma, which is a provincial capital of approximately 700,000 inhabitants. Living in Goma is comfortable, although water and electricity can be unstable. There is a reasonable selection of shops, markets, restaurants and activities. Health and some education services are available. Outside Goma, travel can be dangerous and unpredictable due to armed forces and rebel activity.

Goma is located on the border with Gisenyi in Rwanda. It is possible for expatriates to live in Gisenyi and cross the border on a daily basis. Anyone with family will be required to live in Gisenyi. International level primary school is available in Gisenyi. Expatriates without dependents will be able to choose to live either in Goma or Gisenyi. Goma is an accompanied position with individual housing.

In 2006, the DRC had its first democratic elections in more than forty years, with follow up elections held in November 2011. While conditions in the country are improving, there are still pockets of violence and insecurity depending on the location. The security situation can deteriorate rapidly, as demonstrated by recent outbreaks of violence in North Kivu province. The situation is monitored closely, and security protocols are adjusted accordingly. Security in Goma is volatile, and instances of armed robbery and crime is increasing. Years of conflict and corruption have badly damaged the country's infrastructure, and air travel is necessary to get from one end of the country to the other. There are virtually no telephone land lines in the DRC, although mobile phones and cellular service are widely available. Internet is available in all Mercy Corps offices.

Mercy Corps Team members represent the agency both during and outside of work hours when deployed in a field posting or on a visit/TDY to a field posting. Team members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and respect local laws, customs and MC's policies, procedures, and values at all times and in all in-­country venues.

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