Chef de garage

Job description

Chef de garage

Location: Equateur

Closing date: November 25th, 2012


I.              Context

African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit making African Non-governmental organization, established in 2006 with its Head Office in Kampala, Uganda.

II.             Vision

To see Africa that is free from poverty, internal displacement and refugees; a continent whose people are enjoying human dignity, gender equality, peace and democracy; a region that is capable of protecting the environment that nature had endowed to it and whose leaders are accountable to and working for their people.

III.            Mission


-         To inspire and involve concerned citizens of the international communities and African professionals in relief and development programs to make meaningful contributions towards the development of Africa for the complete eradication of poverty;

-         Ensure the protection and assist in seeking durable solution for IDP’s and Refugees;

-         Promote human dignity and equity and achieve peace, democracy and environmental sustainability in Africa in particular and the world at large. Our objectives;

-         To improve the living conditions of refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host communities;

-         To make use of synergy effects that result from combining the respective aid instruments and to maximize effectiveness in significantly improving the situation of refugees in African countries

-         To promote protection and seek durable solutions for refugees and IDPs in Africa in partnership with key stakeholders as well as build capacity at grass root level.

The Terms of Reference

-         Supervise, coach, support and lead all mechanical workshops in the Equator region (DRC) ;

-         Organize an efficient and transparent spare parts supply chain and management ;

-         Set-up and organize the workshop with staff clearly defined roles, responsibilities and objectives according to workshop activity level ;

-         Ensure that the standard workshop and spare part management procedures and ensure it is properly implemented in all levels ;

-         Take appropriate actions to improve workshop performance in accordance with expected results and available means / Mobilize external support and expertise if required ;

-         Provide client and management a technical advice and solutions to improve the performance of the workshop and contribute to the achievement of goals ;

-         Design activity organizational chart / Introduce job description and objectives for workshop staff (clear responsibilities) ;

-         Ensure that all assets, vehicles and infrastructures are in good condition and secured ;

-         Keep up-dated the workshop inventory list for all equipments and spare parts. Conduct monthly inventory jointly with UNHCR Supply Officers ;

-         Contribute actively to the establishment of the operational budget ;

-         Engage, per delegation of the management, funds allocated to the workshop / follow-up all local purchases related to workshop management ;

-         Establish project reporting and information system to collect workshop relevant and transparent information on time/ Make sure that workshop & material management system is in place and utilized correctly ;

-         Produce and submit to the management Workshop Monthly Monitoring Report including relevant analysis ;

-         Establish permanent working relations / coordination with client logistic officer / other managers ;

-         Establish working relations / networking with other workshop managers at regional level to facilitate exchanges of experiences, synergies and integrated approaches ;

-         Represent the workshop activity / the organization toward client, local administration or missions (under the cover of the Operation Manager) ;

-         Ensure a transparent cost utilization and budget management for funds allocated to the workshop ;

-         Produce monthly monitoring reports and contribute actively to the production of contractual narrative and financial reports / other specific reports (Delay and quality of information) ;

-         Being a representative of the project for all workshop management aspects toward client, other partners, local administration and missions ;

-         Implement and monitor workshop repair and maintenance activities ;

-         Organize an efficient and transparent spare parts supply chain and management ;

-         Plan service intervals for each vehicle are adhered to and share the plan with UNHCR supply section and the implementing partners for the proper execution and follow up ;

-         Ensure that maintenance is carried out timely, with due regard for the safety of all concerned and the operations expected by the client ;

-         Ensure that all operating costs connected to the vehicles are correctly and timely budgeted, accounted for and reported appropriately in accordance with project guidelines ;

-         Ensure, during repair service, that a log book, updated every journey, is kept in each vehicle and regularly scrutinised for accuracy and legibility. This includes verifying if all service periods are reflected on the log book ;

-         Ensure that all workshop staff are provided with appropriate protective clothing, and wear it when performing potentially their tasks.


IV.           Essential Qualification and Experience


-         At least 5 years/substantial experience working with a humanitarian/ development organisation in Africa as a head of mechanical workshop for light vehicles, trucks, motor bikes and generators ;

-         Proven deep technical knowledge on the repair and maintenance of Heavy duty trucks (especially Mercedes), Light vehicles, motor bikes, generators and Know-how of UNHCR procurement procedure will be desirable ;

-         Fluent in English and French is mandatory ;

-         Know-how of utilization of Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) will be an advantage ;

-         Working with UNHCR logistics partners as a 'Chef de garage" is very advantageous.

How to apply:

Send your CV (in French and English) and Cover Letter (in French and English) to