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Field Office Director

Job opportunity

Field Office Director

Location: Kinshasa

Start date: Immediate

Closing date: December 21st, 2012


I.              Context

The Carter Center is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering; it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health. We are currently recruiting a highly-qualified individual for the position of Field Office Director for DRC, starting in December of 2012.

II.             Background

The DRC is one of only a few countries where The Carter Center (TCC) has long-term interests and a sustained field presence. TCC’s overarching goal in DRC is to promote accountability, transparency and the respect of human rights through strengthening the capacities of both civil society actors and government institutions. In 2007, TCC created the Human Rights House (HRH) in Kinshasa, as a vehicle to build a vibrant citizenry to hold the government accountable. Projects are currently being implemented in Kinshasa, Katanga, Bas Congo, Province Orientale and South Kivu. TCC DRC works with more than 150 local partners. HRH activities are primarily implemented by TCC’s Human Rights Program (HRP) and TCC’s Democratic Election Standards (DES) project will soon launch a series of initiatives to be based in large part at the HRH.

1.     Major Function

As the representative of The Carter Center in DRC, the Field Office Director is responsible for implementing TCC programs and projects in DRC. The FOD provides leadership and effective national representation for designated TCC DRC programs and activities. He/she is accountable for ensuring the effective direction and management of Human Rights and Democracy Program activities at the HRH and Lubumbashi office in the DRC and leadership of TCC staff there.

2.     Major Duties and Accountabilities


-       Directs, manages and is accountable for approved deliverables of TCC DRC projects and activities ;

-       Responsible for ensuring the development and effective implementation of the relevant strategies, plans and priorities in the DRC and provide analysis and advice to TCC on programmatic, operational, and substantive issues ;

-       Ensures that TCC DRC field offices (Kinshasa and Lubumbashi) operate in compliance with all legal rules and regulations related to international organizations as well as ensuring staff and organization compliance with contracts and agreements involving TCC DRC ;

-       Reports regularly to relevant Atlanta staff (a weekly written report and oral briefings as needed to the Human Rights and Democracy Programs). As required, also reports to relevant TCC donors on accomplishments in achieving objectives, according to agreed standards and reporting requirements ;

-       Contributes to fundraising initiatives, by coordinating with HRP and/or DP staff or by taking the lead, if appropriate, in developing new (internal and external) project proposals and amendments/extensions from the field ;

-       Oversees the timely operational and program planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation of all DRC projects and ensures project management systems are in place ;

-       Leads representation for TCC in the DRC, maintaining ongoing liaison with key actors in the DRC, including government officials, the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, representatives of the international community, African Union, United Nations officials, political party representatives, civil society leaders, and other critical institutions and groups, especially where appropriate and important for successful implementation of projects ;

-       Maintains ongoing liaison with project partners and other human rights organizations in the DRC, both domestic and international ;

-       Drafts TCC press releases, periodic public statements and other relevant issues as needed, in consultation with relevant staff and consultants and pre-approval of Atlanta staff ;

-       Develops and maintains excellent working relationships and strategic partnerships with relevant institutions and individuals in the DRC ;

-       Leads, develops and motivates all staff working for both the Human Rights and Democracy Programs in the DRC to promote a cooperative work environment and to ensure effective delivery of work-plans and performance indicators ;

-       Assesses potential risks that might harm TCC and develops plans and measures to manage such risks.


III.            Supervisory Responsibilities


-       Responsible as line manager to directly supervise the work of TCC staff in the DRC.


IV.           Working Relationships


-       Reports to the Directors the Human Rights and Democracy Programs at TCC headquarters in Atlanta.


V.            Minimum Qualifications and Requirements


-       Master’s degree (or equivalent) in social sciences, international human rights law, or other development-related fields ;

-       Good report writing skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills ;

-       Proactive aptitude in terms of planning and coordination with different bodies, institutions and civil society organizations ;

-       Demonstrated experience in team building, conflict resolution, ensuring participation, promoting mutual respect and active listening ;

-       Experience in leading and motivating multi disciplinary, geographically remote teams; a high degree of self awareness and an understanding of how to drive and support excellent team performance and individual development.


VI.           Knowledge


-       Thorough understanding of the role and working methods of civil society actors and, more specifically, of human rights NGOs ;

-       Experience designing and or implementing training methodologies tailored to diverse audiences and varying professional competencies ;

-       Proficiency in both English and French is required ;

-       Proficiency in MS Office ;

-       Good knowledge of the Democratic Republic of Congo or the east Africa region is highly preferred ;

-       Prior experience with programs related to elections and election observation is highly preferred.


VII.          Experience


-       A minimum of 10 years of progressively responsible experience, including 5 years field experience managing field office programmatic activities and personnel ;

-       Proven experience in implementing programs related to human rights, rule of law, civil society strengthening or advocacy ;

-       Proven financial and human resources management experience ;

-       Demonstrated experience in fundraising and networking for outreach and strategic partnership engagements ;

-       Experience of working with government officials and intergovernmental organizations, donors.

How to apply:

Please send cover letter, CV, contract requirements, and list of references to

Rolling deadline – please submit your application as soon as possible.

Job ID: #538735

Career categories:

-       Management


-       Democratic Republic of the Congo (the)


-       Kinshasa


-       Carter Center


-       Protection and Human Rights

Job years of experience:

-       5-10 years

Job type:

-       Consultancy

-       Home