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Education specialist

Job description


Education specialist

N° de l'offre : HR/NO/0017/FY13

Location: Kinshasa

Duration : 24 Months Contrat with 6 months of trial period

Closing date : 08 Septembre 2013

      I.        Purpose of the position

Contribute to the well being of children, their families and communities through providing technical expertise around schools organization and education matters.

The employee in this function as professional Education Specialist is required to completing or overseeing a variety of assignments to provide technical assistance to local school districts, in the WVDRC programs and to perform other education-related professional duties.

    II.        Major Responsibilities


1.    Planning :

-        Identify specific program requirements for formal education and ECD in the WVDRC programs/projects and develop an operating plan ;

-        Develop/or apply tools to measure effectiveness of curriculum or services and interpret pupil intellectual and social development and school progress ;

-        Maintain and ensure that education project/program fit with the DRC government’s education strategy, plan and policies ;

-        Contribute to the resource mobilization of WVDRC ministry on designing and implementing new education programs/projects.


2.    Organizing

-        Direct research activity concerned with educational programs and services in school system ;

-        Formulate and design procedures to determine and measure the effectiveness of education program objectives within ADPs ;

-        Provide technical assistance to ADPs/project on strategy implementation and formulate recommendations and guidelines on the education unit.


3.    Monitoring and evaluation.

-        Review education materials, soliciting feedback from program staff, teachers and parents committee to the product ;

-        Collect and verify data used in research studies, projects and prepare narrative statistical reports for dissemination to project/program(ADPs) ;

-        Compile and produce reports monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually and submit to TSS Associate Director.


   III.        Other Competencies/Attributes


-         Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities ;

-         Attend and participate/lead in daily devotions ;

-         Perform other duties as required.

  IV.        Qualifications : Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training :

-         Educational level required: Master /Bachelor Degree in Education or Orientation Scolaire ;

-         Technical Training qualifications required: Professional technical knowledge, skills and abilities desired ;

-         Experience: At 5 years of experience providing professional education-related services ;

-         Other: Experience with International organization or International NGO on Education is preferred.


    V.        Working Environment / Conditions


-         Work environment: Office-based with frequent travel to the field ;

-         Travel: 30% Domestic/international travel is required ;

-         On call: International.

  VI.        Constitution et dépôt des dossiers de candidature

Le dossier de candidature devra comprendre :

-         Une demande d’emploi portant mention du numéro de l’offre adressée au Directeur des Ressources Humaines de World Vision ;

-         Une copie du curriculum vitae ;

-         Une (des) photocopie (s) des diplômes ;

-         Un casier judiciaire ou un certificat de bonne vie et mœurs ;

-         La liste des personnes de référence professionnelle (2 personnes) ;

-         Le nom d’une référence ecclésiastique ;

-         Copie carte d’identité (nationalité congolaise, RDC) ;

-         Copie carte de demandeur d’emploi de l’ONEM ;

-         Copies des attestations des services rendus.


Les candidatures doivent être envoyées à l’adresse email suivante :


Les candidatures féminines sont fortement encouragées.