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Consultant (Research on Street Children and Children Associated with Gangs Project in Kinshasa)-World Vision

Terms of Reference

Research on Street Children and Children Associated with Gangs Project in Kinshasa DRC

Sector: Advocacy and Justice for Children
Employment type Consultant (External)
Deadline for Proposal Submission: Monday 7th May 2012 at 3:30 pm Kinshasa time

Duration of consultancy

WVI has set aside up to ………….. for this for this assignment and for the whole research process. The proposed project start date is Monday 10th May 2012 and ends on June 15, 2012.The final report due on the 15th of June 2012.

Proposal bids should include

  1. Copy of CV with references
  2. Sample of previous research writing/ program develop development activities
  3. 1 page detailed work-schedule
  4. 2 page proposed model development methodology, including research, outreach and development
  5. 1 Page proposed operational budget

Candidates should have the following profile:

  1. A minimum of MA in social and/or political science, preferably a PhD.
  2. A minimum of 5 years of proven research work experience in an acceptable institution.
  3. Sound knowledge and proven experience of use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  4. Demonstrated research conducting and report writing skills (proof of a written piece of research)
  5. Sounds knowledge and demonstrated experience of written and spoken English, French and Lingala ;
  6. Work experience on youth, street children and gangs
  7. Familiarity with Kinshasa political and social context dynamics
  8. Ability to meet the deadlines.

Objective of Consultancy

World Vision DRC has targeted street children and gangs as one of its four strategic advocacy working themes for the coming three years (1012-2015). Kinshasa-Bas Congo region has been chosen as the first site for addressing this problem. To this end World Vision DRC is seeking to undertake a field research on street children and gangs in Kinshasa region. The research aims at providing World Vision and other stakeholders with a critical framework for understanding and addressing the street children and gangs issue in Kinshasa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) at large.
This consultancy includes the following steps of the assessment and design process:

  • Conducting the review of literature on street children and gangs
  • Preparing the questionnaire and interviews guidelines
  • Conducting the field research in the targeted sites
  • Conducting data analysis, interpretation and presentation
  • Producing a research report (English) of maximum 50 pages.
  • Submitting a quality and finished research report to World Vision
  • Presenting the research findings summary to the regional conference in street children and gangs in Kinshasa.

Expected Outputs:

1. A research report that outlines the following information:

  • Context and nature of street children and gangs
    • Street children and gangs family and socio-economic backgrounds;
    • Drivers for children going to the street and getting involved in gangs activities
    • Categories, characteristics , activities and social organization of street children and gangs;
    • Street children perception and expectations of life and the future;
    • Street children and gangs level of participation in the decision making
  • Impact of Street life and gangs activities on the well-being of the involved children
    • Relationship between street living conditions and health (access to health services, sanitation, capacity for being protected from injury, infection, etc.)
    • Relationships between the involvement of children in street and gangs activities and education and personal security
  • Community, local authorities and street children and gangs
    • Community’s and local authorities’ level of understanding of street children and gangs (perceptions & images).
    • Community and local authorities’ awareness of their mutual role and responsibilities for addressing and protecting street children and gangs.
    • Types of interactions and attitudes that determine the relationship between street children different groups of people (police, local authorities, community members, etc.).
  • Framework, strategy and plan for action
    • Existing local structures, laws and policies in regards to street children and gangs
    • Services provided and actions undertaken (rehabilitation strategy) by local authorities for street children and gangs
    • Other actors involved in street children and gangs work and rehabilitation strategies

2. A PowerPoint presentation at the regional conference on street children and gangs in Kinshasa.

This should include key findings of the research report:

Please send your application to